Unlocking the Secrets of Monopoly Big Baller at Nice88

Monopoly Big Baller at Nice88

Monopoly Big Baller is like playing bingo but with four bingo cards.

You win prizes by completing lines on your bingo cards. The rewards for a completed line can be two times to 199 times, depending on the bingo card you use.

There are two bonus cards, the 3 Rolls, and five rolls. You get to play the Monopoly board bonus round. If you complete both of these

Each card has 25 numbers in a 5×5 grid. In each game round, the presenter picks 20 balls from a bingo machine with 60 colored balls numbered 1-60.

There are two kinds of bingo cards:

  • Chance Card: It has a multiplier in the middle, so you get a higher payout if you complete a line passing through the center.
  • Free Space Card: The center spot has a free space that helps complete lines running through the center.

After the cards get their numbers, Monopoly randomly adds multipliers and free spaces. It increases the chances of completing lines and getting higher payouts.

How To Play Monopoly Big Baller

How To Play Monopoly Big Baller
  • The game begins with 12 seconds for placing bets.
  • Start by choosing how many bingo cards to play and if you want to play bonus round cards.
  • You can mix and match Chance and free Space cards. You decide how many of each to use. We’ll discuss this choice more in the Strategy section.
  • After picking your bet amount, click on the spot on the cards where you want to place your bet.
  • Random numbers are generated for the four bingo cards and the bonus cards for three and five rolls.
  • Once the betting time is over, Monopoly pulls a lever, adding random multipliers and free spaces to the cards.
  • The bingo ball machine starts, picking 20 from the 60 colored balls bouncing inside the round plastic orb.
  • As each ball is drawn, a red dot marks the number on the card. The summary statistics on the right side of the screen update.
  • After the selection of 20 balls is complete, the game calculates any winning lines you have and applies active multipliers.
  • Your payout is shown on the screen if you’ve won.

Monopoly Big Baller Payouts

Monopoly Big Baller Payouts

Getting rewards on Monopoly Big Baller is simple.

You place your bets on a card, not a specific line. You receive rewards for winning lines.

The amount you get depends on any active multipliers on the entire card, a line, or a number. More than one multiplier can increase line rewards.

However, there’s a limit to how much you can get on a line.

  • The smallest line reward on any card is twice the amount you bet.
  • The highest reward on the Free Space Card is 39 times your bet.
  • For the Chance card, the maximum reward is 199 times your bet.
  • The 3 and 5 Rolls have a maximum reward of £$€500,000.
  • A card multiplier increases any wins by 2 or 3 times.

A line multiplier increases the win for that line by 20 or 50 times. If a number has a multiplier and is part of a winning line, it increases the payout for that line by 10 or 20 times.

Multipliers and Free Spaces 

Multipliers and Free Spaces 


Bingo cards can get different types of multiplier numbers.

Standard: A unique number on the card can have a 10x or 20x multiplier. If this number is in a winning line, the card’s prize gets multiplied by that amount.

Line: A line on the card can have a 20x or 50x multiplier. If that line wins, it gets the prize multiplied by that number.

Global: This 2x or 3x multiplier affects all wins on the card. It also multiplies any other multipliers on the card.

Free Spaces

Monopoly can randomly add Free Spaces to bingo cards. These spaces work like the numbers drawn, making winning easier with fewer numbers in a line.

The Bonus Round

Monolopoly Big Baller - The Bonus Round

The game’s bonus round has a Monopoly Board with properties, free parking, Go-to Jail, chance, community chest, and tax squares.

  • Each square starts with a certain multiplier, which increases when houses or hotels randomly appear on them.
  • The game begins with Monopoly on the GO square. Two dice are rolled, shown on the screen in a floating Blimp above the board.
  • Monopoly moves based on the total of the two dice rolls, stopping at the corresponding square.
  • Getting a 3 Rolls Bonus means you get three dice rolls. The 5 Rolls bonus gives you five rolls.
  • Monopoly moves the required spaces if a double is rolled and gets an extra dice roll. If the square has a multiplier, it’s added to your prize. Tax squares reduce winnings by 10%, while Super Tax squares reduce them by 20%.
  • Landing on Go To Jail sends Monopoly to Jail, requiring a double roll to move on.
  • Chance and Community Chest squares can give a prize or charge a mystery fee.
  • If Monopoly passes GO around the board, all future multipliers are doubled.

Monopoly Big Baller Strategies

Monopoly Big Baller Strategies

We all want the best value for our money when playing live casino games. Coming up with a strategy for your gameplay can help with that. Here are some strategies for Monopoly Big Baller to make your money last longer and help you win big!

Monopoly Big Baller Standard Strategy

Monopoly Big Baller has two Free Space cards and two Chance cards by default. The Free Space card starts with the center cell filled, while the Chance card has larger multipliers.

If you use two Free Space cards, two Chance cards, and two bonus cards, you follow Monopoly Big Baller’s standard strategy. The game developer chose to distribute cards this way for a specific purpose. This standard strategy helps you quickly explore all the game features in a few rounds. You can experiment with different cards or change their quantity and ratio as you get better at the game.

Monopoly Big Baller Chance Strategy

Free Space cards are like playing a slot machine that doesn’t change much. They can help you keep your money steady for a while, but once you start losing, it’s hard to get it back because you only win a little.

On the other hand, Chance cards can give you bigger rewards. If you’re lucky, you might get up to 199 times what you bet on a Chance card. That’s much more than what you usually get in a bonus game. It’s important to know that big wins don’t always happen, but you can still win 20 to 50 times your bet in a good round. It can cover the money you spend on other cards and leave you with a profit. Remember to lower your bet if you choose a Chance card because you’re taking a bigger risk.

Monopoly Big Baller Bonus Hunt Strategy

Think of bonus cards and bingo cards as two different types of bets. Sometimes, bingo cards help cover losses from bonus bets, but it’s also possible that all your cards may lose. According to Monopoly Big Baller math, if you bet only on bonus cards, you can expect to stay in the game longer compared to betting on all cards.

Some players like the bonus round in Big Baller in Monopoly, but I find it boring to wait and would rather play something else simultaneously. This way, they can ensure they get the bonus while enjoying their favorite slots or table games.

Monopoly Big Baller Double-Up Strategy

The Martingale system, also known as the double-up strategy, can be tried on Monopoly Big Baller if you feel brave. Here’s how it works: you bet on cards, and if you lose, you double the bet for the next round. Keep doubling the bet each time you lose until you win. Once you win, go back to your original bet.

For example:

  • Bet 1: You spend 10, but you lose.
  • Bet 2: Now you spend 20, but you still lose.
  • Bet 3: You double again, spending 40, but it’s another loss.
  • Bet 4: Doubling to 80, you lose again.
  • Bet 5: Doubling to 106, this time you win.

This strategy is risky, and it can quickly use up your money. Be aware that the game has a maximum bet, which can be a big problem. If you reach that limit, you might face significant losses you can’t recover from anytime soon.

The Wait It Out Strategy

Once you have a good guess of the number of games before the next bonus, start betting when the total number of games played is close to that. It’s not a guaranteed win, but if you can wait and bet when it’s close to the average bonus number, you’re more likely to get a bonus round without spending too much of your deposit.

Bonus Card Bets Only

If you want to win bonuses in Monopoly Big Baller Live, consider using the Bonus Card Bets strategy. With this method, you only bet on the three and 5-roll cards. You won’t add more money to your game balance from the regular game, but the upside is that all your deposits will go towards activating the bonus feature and getting those big wins. 

Low Volatile Strategy

If you want to make your money last longer when playing Monopoly Big Baller, consider using a low-risk strategy. It means placing small bets on regular and bonus cards. It will cost you €0.60 per game, allowing you to play at least 83 rounds with a €50 balance (even more if you win lines or bonus features).

This strategy ensures you have more time to play the game. So, if you’re okay with not winning big but want to stretch your budget, this plan is for you.

Medium Volatile Strategy

Try the medium-risk strategy to make the game riskier while playing. In this approach, you need to increase your bet size by two or three times compared to the lower-risk strategy. For instance, if you start with 50, each game would cost you 1.20 to 1.80.

Remember that this will reduce the number of rounds you can play by half or two-thirds, so be mindful of that.

Any wins you get with this method can give you a decent amount of money. Even though you might play fewer games, the chance of making a profit is higher.

High Volatile Strategy

You can choose the high-risk plan if you’re doing well and want to try a bold strategy. You’ll need to use all of your 50 budget in just three games to do this. Bet 2.70 on each card, and you’ll spend 16.20 per game. The rewards can be great if you get a good win multiplier or enter the bonus game.

We only recommend trying this if you’ve already won in the game or your total money for playing is more than you need for the entire strategy.

Monopoly Big Baller Tips to Win

Monopoly Big Baller Tips to Win

Apart from the advanced strategies in Monopoly Big Baller, some basic tips can increase your chances of winning by making the game more enjoyable.

  • Bet on bonus cards each round to have a shot at big multipliers. It’s a good idea to bet on both bonus cards since you can’t predict which will win first. To avoid doubling your bet, split it between two bonus cards.
  • Manage your bankroll wisely. Since you can’t control the game once it starts, success depends on managing your money. Winning and losing streaks can happen, so having a sufficient stake to handle losses is crucial. As a rule, only bet up to 10% of your bankroll per round. A conservative strategy suggests keeping it between 2-5%.
  • Experiment with different card combinations. Along with the suggested strategy, try other combinations like three Free Space cards and one Chance card. You don’t have to bet on all four cards every round. Find a playstyle that suits you.
  • Refrain from relying on past results. In Monopoly Big Baller, previous performance doesn’t guarantee future outcomes. Bonus games can appear consecutively or be absent for a while. Unlike other Evolution game shows, you can’t see stats for previous rounds on the screen.


Monopoly Big Baller introduces new property types, higher rent values, and strategic elements, offering a more challenging and dynamic gaming experience than traditional Monopoly.

To excel in Monopoly Big Baller, focus on property acquisition, negotiate shrewdly, invest wisely in upgrades, and keep a keen eye on opponents’ moves to formulate effective strategies.

Yes, the core Monopoly rules are still applicable, but Monopoly Big Baller adds extra layers of complexity and decision-making.

Special power cards grant players unique abilities that can influence the game. These cards are typically acquired through specific actions or events and can be strategically used to gain an advantage.

The game’s duration can vary, but Monopoly Big Baller tends to be more dynamic, potentially shortening the overall playing time compared to traditional Monopoly.


In conclusion, mastering Monopoly Big Baller becomes a breeze with the help of the Comprehensive Guide offered by Nice88. This user-friendly guide simplifies the complex strategies of the game, making it accessible for players of all levels. Nice88 betting site provides valuable insights and tips, ensuring that both beginners and experienced players can enhance their Monopoly skills. With clear explanations and practical advice, Nice88 empowers enthusiasts to navigate the game confidently and enjoy the thrill of Monopoly Big Baller.

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