A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Callbreak at Nice88 Casino

Callbreak at Nice88 Casino

Let’s look at Callbreak Jili, a fun card game! In this detailed review, we’ll dive into all the exciting aspects of the game so you can understand how to play and enjoy it to the fullest. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to Callbreak Jili, this review will give you all the information you need to have a blast with this entertaining card game.

What is Callbreak Jili? 

What is Callbreak Jili

Callbreak Jili is a fun card game you can play with friends or family. In this game, you use a deck to win as many tricks as possible while playing cards you can. A joke is when each player puts down the player holding the highest-ranking card from their one card wins that round. Four people usually play the game, each getting 13 cards. You need to be innovative and use strategy to figure out which cards to play and when so you can win the most tricks. The player who wins the most tricks at the end of the game is the winner!

Callbreak Gameplay Mechanics

Callbreak Gameplay Mechanics

Game Mode

  • 3 Rounds: The game’s outcome depends on the total score of players every three rounds.
  • 5 Rounds: The game’s outcome depends on the total score of players every five rounds.

Game Flow

  • In this game, there are four players, and they use a deck of 52 cards (excluding jokers).
  • Each player gets 13 cards in each game, one card at a time, for 13 turns.
  • All players start by betting the most minuscule amount allowed.
  • One player is chosen randomly to be the first dealer, and they give out the cards in a counterclockwise order.
  • Decide how many bids you want to make.
  • The first dealer starts dealing with the cards.
  • Cards are given out in a counterclockwise order.
  • In each turn, the player with the highest number on their card wins that round, and they become the dealer for the next game.
  • After 13 turns, each player’s score is calculated based on the number of rounds they won and the Number of bids they made.
  • The participant who earns the most points wins and gets all the prize money after subtracting fees.

Note: The dealer for each turn is the first player to start.

Instructions for calling out bids

  • Once the game ends, every player should guess how many times they will win in this game.
  • You can bid at least one time and at most eight times.
  • If you can see the cards in your hand, your score will be calculated the usual way.


  • The suit chosen by the dealer is the main suit, and each player’s cards may not all be from the same case.
  • If you have cards from the main suit, you must play one from that suit.
  • If you have a card with more points than the cards already played, you must play that card.
  • You must play a spade if you don’t have any cards from the main suit. If another player has already played a spade and your spade has fewer points, you can play any card.


If you don’t use your card before the time runs out, you will automatically use the most significant card.

Poker Hands

Callbreak - Poker Hands

In the card game, we have different suits of cards, like spades and others. Each card also has a rank, with Ace (A) being the highest, followed by King (K), Queen (Q), Jack (J), 10, and so on down to 2.

Here’s how you compare cards:

  • Spades are the most powerful suit in the game. First, see which suit the cards belong to, and if they are the same suit, then compare their ranks.
  • If a player puts down a card that’s the same suit as the first card played (the lead suit), the player with the higher-ranked card wins.
  • But if a player puts down a card that’s a different suit from the first card and it’s not a spade, that player loses.

Scoring Method

callbreak - Scoring Method
  • After playing 13 game rounds, it’s time to figure out who wins.
  • We calculate this based on how many tricks you said you’d win and how many you won.
  • If you win as many tricks as you said you would, or more, you get the same points as your original guess.
  • If you win more tricks than you guessed, you get a little extra, specifically 0.1 points for each extra trick.
  • But if you win fewer tricks than you guessed, you lose the same number of points as your guess.
  • If you make your guesses without seeing your cards (blind bids), your points are doubled (2 times).


  • If you guessed you’d win three tricks, and you do, you get 3 points.
  • If you guessed three schemes but won 4, you get 3.1 points.
  • If you thought four jokes but only win 3, you lose 4 points.
  • If you made two blind guesses and won 3 tricks, you get 4.2 points.
  • If you made three blind guesses but only won 2 tricks, you lose 6 points.

Blind Bid

If you don’t look at your cards and make a bid without seeing them, your final score at the end of the game will be twice as high, including both positive and negative points.


  • If a player makes two blind bids and wins three tricks, they’ll get 4.2 points.
  • If a player makes three blind bids and wins two tricks, they’ll have -6 points.

Callbreak Features

Callbreak Features

Rewards = What the losers bet x 0.95

When many players win:

Each winner’s prize =

(What the losers bet altogether / Number of winners) x 0.95


Many Callbreak online games Jili versions are free, but some may offer in-app purchases or premium features.

Callbreak Jili Game is generally suitable for players of all ages, but it’s essential to check the age rating of the app or platform you’re using, as some may have age restrictions.

Most Callbreak Jili Game apps offer a free-to-play version with optional in-app purchases for virtual items or to remove ads.

Winning Callbreak Jili Game requires a combination of strategy and skill. Some tips include keeping track of cards played, leading with solid cards, and anticipating opponents’ moves.

Callbreak Jili Game is primarily designed for mobile devices, but you can also play it on a PC or Mac using Android emulators like Bluestacks.


In conclusion, after thoroughly exploring the Callbreak Jili game, it’s a fun and exciting card game that entertains players worldwide. If you’re interested in discovering more games like Callbreak or other online gaming experiences, remember to check out the Nice88 website to find various fun and entertainment options. 

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