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Boxing King at Nice88 Casino

Welcome to our detailed review of the Boxing King Jili Slot Game! In this article, we’ll closely examine this exciting slots game, exploring its features and how you can play to win. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to slots, we have all the information you need to enjoy this thrilling experience. Let’s dive in and discover what Boxing King has to offer!

What is the Boxing King Jili Slot? 

JILI Boxing King slot is a new game made by JILI Games in 2020. It looks better, with smoother animations showing boxing competitions. In this game, you have a unique chance where a “full column wild symbol” line can appear, helping you get combos for free games and special bonuses!

What is the Boxing King Jili Slot

You’ll recognize this game’s style if you’ve played “Street Fighter” as a kid. There are two characters: one is a red guy with lots of energy, and the other is a bright blue guy. They fight in a boxing arena. It would help if you got more “Champion” wild symbols to win more bonuses.

Boxing King Gameplay Mechanics

In the Boxing King slot game, when you start playing, you’ll hear, “Welcome to the fight!” In this game, everyone is a boxer ready to battle. Are you prepared to join in? Our team tried this game, and they were impressed by its excitement. The animations of the red and blue fighters are great, and the sound and light effects when you win are also fantastic. It is one of the most exciting games we’ve ever seen.

Boxing King Gameplay Mechanics

One of the best parts of the game is the free games and random wilds. Playing the free games can earn bonus points for winning several times in a row. The Boxing King’s 100 Riding feature also helps you make more winning combinations.

Boxing King Features

Boxing King Features

Enjoy the free games in the Boxing King Slot Machine. You’ll find lots of spins without columns, special symbols that add more reels, and extra rewards for matching the same characters in a row. And remember, the more spins you have, the bigger your total bonus can be.

Free Game

Get at least three scatter symbols to start the free game in Boxing King Slot. It will take you to an exciting fight scene. During the free games, you can win extra bonuses with these features:

Combo Multiplier

  • This multiplier starts at X2 and can go up to X8.
  • Your points from each match you win will be multiplied by the current Combo Multiplier.
  • After the second win in the same round, the multiplier becomes X2.
  • After the third win, it’s X3.
  • After the fourth win, it’s X5.
  • After the sixth win, it reaches the maximum at X8.

During the free game in Boxing King Slot, you get one free spin per round, up to a maximum of five reels. If you see the boxing bell free spin symbol, it sticks around and can accumulate. You can get more free game rounds depending on how many you gather. It continues until the number of free game rounds is recalculated for the next round.

Wild Symbol

The championship belt symbol is the wild symbol in Boxing King Slot. It shows up in rounds 3-4 in regular games and rounds 2-5 during free games. It might cover the whole column and replace any symbol except the scatter to help you win.


SCATTER is a special symbol in Boxing King Slot that triggers the free game feature. Get three or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the pay lines to access the special game mode. All your winnings during free games are doubled. Three SCATTER symbols give you eight free games; four characters give you 12, and five symbols give you 20.


Boxing King Jili Slot Game is a thrilling slot machine game available online that blends the excitement of boxing with the excitement of slot machine gameplay.

You can play Boxing King Jili Slot Game on various online casino platforms that offer games from Jili Gaming, like Nice88.

The game may be played for free in several virtual casinos for free play, but to win real money, you’ll need to place real bets.

It’s designed to be fair and random, thanks to RNG technology, ensuring each spin is independent and unbiased.

Many online casinos offer mobile compatibility, allowing you to play the game for no other reason than that on a mobile device.


In conclusion, after thoroughly exploring the Boxing King Jili Slot Game, it’s an exciting and enjoyable experience for anyone who loves boxing-themed slots. Its vivid graphics and user-friendly interface create a compelling choice that appeals to both novices and seasoned players alike. And for those interested in exploring more fun games like this, remember to visit the Nice88 website, where you can discover a wide range of thrilling games and promotions. Enjoy your gaming adventure!

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