What Makes Ezugi Live Stand Out? A Comprehensive Review

Ezugi Live Dealer

Ezugi is a new company that makes live casino games. They have places all over the world. Ezugi says they’re a modern platform and help both online and land-based casinos. The company started in 2012 with experienced people from the gambling industry. They have nine studios where they do live games, and you can find 20 different games worldwide.

Top Live Casino Games from Ezugi

Top Live Casino Games from Ezugi

Ezugi provides online casinos, betting places, live casinos, and live lottery gaming solutions. It means you can play various table games live from different studios worldwide. 

Ezugi Live Roulette

Ezugi’s Live Roulette is a type of game that follows the European style, using a single zero and having a 2.7% advantage for the house. It’s possible to play several games at once, and the Roulette table is shown from three cameras instead of the usual two, giving you a more immersive gaming experience. You have about 30 seconds to place your bets on a computer-generated table before the ball is released.

In addition to the usual bets, Ezugi Live Roulette offers unique Red and Black Split bets. The Red Split includes four split bets with only red numbers, like 9/12 and 27/30. The Black Split consists of 7 split bets with only black numbers, such as 10/11 and 26/29.

Buttons for managing bets and chips of different values are at the bottom of the screen. There’s a button for tipping the dealer and another for viewing statistics, including Hot/Cold numbers, the last ten winning ones, and an overview of winning numbers/areas in the last 100 spins.

Live Auto Roulette doesn’t have a dealer but uses a high-tech, fully automated wheel, making the game feel authentic. It has the same features as Ezugi’s Live Roulette with a human croupier.

The developer also provides OTT (over-the-top) Roulette games streamed from real-world casinos like Portomaso, Royal, and Oracle. HD cameras above the tables capture the action, and even though there’s no direct interaction with land-based players, online players can still engage with each other.

Ezugi Live Blackjack

This Blackjack game can have up to 7 players at the table. If you’re not sitting, you can still bet on others. You can do what they do, like double or split. You can also buy insurance or skip it.

There are extra bets you can make, like Perfect Pairs and 21+3. The 21+3 combines Blackjack and Poker, and you could win 100 times your wager. Based on the cards.

You can get insurance or give up half of your bet if the dealer has an Ace. It feels like you’re at a real table, can control the sound, and go full display. Additionally, you can review the rules and game history.

Ezugi’s Hybrid Blackjack lets many people join the table. Some hands are random, and the dealer deals with some.

Ezugi Live Baccarat

Ezugi has a lot of different Live Baccarat games. The regular one allows unlimited players and has classic roadmaps and extra stats. You can also make optional side bets like Player and Banker Pair, Big, Small, Perfect Pair, and Either Pair.

Knockout Baccarat has seven side bets, like Winning Total, which pays between 2:1 and 7:1, and Natural Win Player/Banker, which pays 4:1.

Baccarat Super 6 is slightly different with its payouts and the Super 6 side, which gives 12:1 for a bet on a winning Banker total of 6. Baccarat Dragon Bonus is a regular game with an optional Player and Banker bonus side bet.

The side bet wins if the hand you bet on has a higher natural point count than the other or if the winning hand is four or more points higher than the losing hand. The bigger the difference, the bigger the payout.

Live Dragon Tiger is like a 2-card Baccarat. One card goes to the Dragon and one to the Tiger. Players bet on which of the two will be higher. Three side bets are Odd/Even, Big/Small, and Suit.

Ezugi Live Casino Hold’em

Live Casino Hold ’em is a game where many people can play together. It happens in Ezugi’s studio in Eastern Europe. They use one deck of cards, and everyone bets on the same hand.

You can also make an extra bet for a pair of Aces or better. If you win this bet, you can get between 7 times to 100 times your bet, even if the dealer wins the game. The game is easy to play with a simple interface. The cards on the table are easy to see, and a digital display on the side shows the cards dealt.

Ezugi Live Bet On Numbers is a game like a lottery. It is live-streamed from Ezugi’s studio in the Baltic. Every 4-6 minutes, there is a real-time draw of 6 balls.

Thirty-six different number combinations are available for betting. They can choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 numbers, pick a red or white color, and guess the total sum of numbers. If a player correctly guesses 4 out of 6 numbers, they can get the highest payout of 2,000 times their bet. For the same draw, more than one ticket may be purchased. To increase your chances of winning.

The game is authentic because the numbered balls are randomly picked from a glass ball, not by a computer. There are also close-up views of all important parts during the draw.

Ezugi Live Keno

It’s a classic game where 20 balls are drawn from 80. Before the game starts, use the computer list at the bottom of the screen to place your bets.

You can bet on one number or up to 8 balls. Choose your numbers or use the Auto Pick button. See the results and your winnings (if any) on the right side until the next round starts.

Mobile Optimized Gaming Experience

Ezugi Live - Mobile Optimized Gaming Experience

You can also play Ezugi Play games on your computer, tablet, and smartphone. If you enjoy using your phone to play games, you can easily enjoy the live dealer games from Ezugi. The games on your computer use Flash, but those on mobile and tablet use HTML5, making them accessible online. It is important for mobile gamers, which we consider in our online casino ratings.

You can download applications from certain online casinos, but it’s only sometimes necessary. You can open the website on your device’s web browser, which will be optimized for your device, including Ezugi casino games. It means you can have as much fun playing on your smartphone as on a computer.

Fairness of their games

Ezugi Live - Fairness of their games


RTP is like a score for online casino games, showing how much you can expect to win over time. Live casino games have the same score as regular ones. For instance, live blackjack usually scores about 99.5%, live European Roulette scores 97.30%, and so on.

Ezu I makes only live casino dealer games. Their overall GM collection has a higher score than most, over 96%. However, some games like Dragon Tiger have riskier side bets, lowering the score.

Third-Party Certification

Ezugi’s games are approved by iTech Labs, a group that ensures everything, like cameras and equipment, follows the rules. They check that the dealers are trained and certified and that the games are safe and fair.

Ezugi is part of the Evolution Group. They’ve been working with eCOGRA since 2010. This group is known and respected.

What makes Ezugi stand out?

What makes Ezugi stand out

Ezugi has special features that differentiate its games from Evolution and other competitors.

Unique Features: Ezugi has studios in 10 locations worldwide and uses at least eight languages. It helps them create high-quality content that can be adapted for each specific market. Also, Ezugi focuses on specific types of games, like live dealer Indian card games. They have a wide variety in this category compared to other live casino providers. 

Graphics: Ezugi streams its live casino games high-definition using professional cameras, microphones, and other equipment. All their games are also optimized to be played on any mobile device.

Music: Players can turn music and sound effects on or off in Ezugi’s live dealer casino games. The music in these games is subtle and complements each game without distracting players.

Gameplay: Ezugi pays attention to details that enhance gameplay. For example, players will see croupiers dressed in vibrant and colorful saris when playing Andar Bahar or Teen Patti. The dealer wears a suitable sporting kit in Cricket War while dealing cards. These small details may take time to notice, but they make Ezugi’s gameplay better than that of other providers.


Ezugi employs advanced technologies like Random Number Generators (RNGs) to guarantee random and equitable game results. It ensures a level playing field for all participants.

Generally, live dealer games involve real money play. However, some online casinos might provide complimentary trial versions of certain games, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the gameplay.

Ezugi is known for its high-quality streaming, diverse game selection, and innovative features. The company often incorporates new technologies to enhance the live dealer gaming experience.

Yes, many Ezugi Live Dealer Games are optimized for mobile play. You can enjoy the live dealer experience on your smartphone or tablet.

Yes, Ezugi is known for its commitment to security and fairness. Play at reputable online casinos that integrate Ezugi’s live dealer platform.


In conclusion, Ezugi Live Dealer Games offer an enjoyable and interactive gaming experience. With various classic casino games like Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack, players can experience the excitement of a real casino from the comfort of their homes. Nice88 casino provides a seamless platform to access these games, ensuring smooth and entertaining gameplay. The live dealers add a personal touch to the experience, making it more engaging for users. If you’re looking for a fun and authentic online casino experience, exploring Ezugi Live Dealer Games on N ce88 is worth considering.

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