Discover the Thrills of Bingo Carnaval Jili Game

Bingo Carnaval Jili Game

Let’s closely examine Bingo Carnaval Jili Game in this detailed review. This fun and exciting game is all about bingo with a carnival twist. We’ll explore its features, gameplay, and what makes it unique. So, if you’re curious about this game, keep reading to learn more!

What is the Bingo Carnaval Jili? 

What is the Bingo Carnaval Jili

Bingo Carnaval is a game with a fun carnival theme by TaDa Gaming. It’s like the regular bingo game, but with more chances to win. In Bingo Carnaval, you can play particular bonus games, like spinning a bonus wheel to win more, getting free balls, special wilds, and buying extra balls. The game’s main aim is to mark off all the numbers on your card and get a prize. The numbers are picked randomly and marked on your card automatically. The most you can win in a Bingo Carnaval is 3,000 times your bet.

Bingo Carnaval Gameplay Mechanics

Bingo Carnaval Gameplay Mechanics
  • You can get 1 to 4 bingo cards for each game. If you buy more cards, you have a better chance of winning.
  • If you complete a line shown on the chart, you’ll get a prize based on that line.
  • When a line with better odds covers a bar with a lower tip, you’ll get a higher bonus.
  • The odds depend on how much a bingo card costs.
  • Once 30 balls have been called, you can buy more if you have a certain number of winning cards ready.
  • You can buy a maximum of 10 more balls; the price depends on your winning cards.

Bingo Carnaval Features

Bingo Carnaval Features

Bonus game

  • When you win the two rewards (x500, x1500), you can play a bonus game after the result is counted.
  • The bonus game is like a wheel with different chances. Each time you spin it, you get one result.
  • When you turn and win x2 or x3, your winnings add up, and you keep spinning until your spin no longer matches the multiplier. Then, the game ends.
  • The result is found by dividing the total multiplier by the final score on the wheel.
  • After you log out, the game keeps going until it’s done. You can see what you’ve won in your History.

Wild Ball

You can win a particular ball called a WILD Ball. You can touch the bingo card with this ball and pick any number you like. If you choose a number, the WILD Ball will change to that number. If you don’t want a number within 15 seconds, the ball will automatically select the number with the most occurrences. It helps prevent copying others’ work.

Lightning Hit

When you buy more balls, you might get a Lightning Hit. When this occurs, you make 1 to 3 extra numbers show up by chance, which can assist you in winning at bingo.

Free Ball

Sometimes, you can get a free ball when you buy an extra ball. It means you get the next ball without paying any money. If you don’t buy a ball for over 10 seconds, the game will buy one for you automatically.


Bingo Carnaval Jili Game is typically Free to play and download, but in-app purchases may be available for additional features or power-ups.

Yes, Bingo Carnaval is family-friendly and suitable for players of all ages. It’s a fun and inclusive game that anyone can enjoy.

No, Bingo Carnaval is an online multiplayer game, so an internet connection is required to play and interact with other players.

Yes, Bingo Carnaval is a mobile app that makes playing on your smartphone or tablet convenient.

You can usually find a “Contact Us” or “Support” option within the game’s settings or on the developer’s website to reach out for assistance.


In conclusion, the Bingo Carnaval Jili Game is a fun and exciting way to enjoy bingo with a carnival twist. With colorful graphics and easy-to-follow gameplay, it’s perfect for players of all ages. The Nice88 website offers a wide range of entertaining options for those looking for more gaming adventures, making it a one-stop destination for online gaming enthusiasts. So, whether you’re a bingo fan or exploring other gaming possibilities, Nice88 has something for everyone to enjoy.

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