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In this in-depth review, let’s take a closer look at the Ludo Quick Jili Game. All ages can enjoy the pleasure and excitement of the board game Ludo Quick Jili. This review will examine the match, its features, and what makes it enjoyable. So, if you want to learn more about Ludo Quick Jili, stay reading!

What is Ludo Quick Jili? 

What is Ludo Quick Jili

In Ludo Quick Jili, you have a colorful game board with four little tokens that represent you and your opponents. The goal is to move your tickets around the board and get them to the finish line before your opponents. You roll a virtual die to determine how many spaces your token can move. But watch out for obstacles and other players trying to block your path! It’s a game of strategy and luck; the first person to get all their tokens to the finish line wins. 

Ludo Quick Gameplay Mechanics

Ludo Quick Gameplay Mechanics
  • You need to pay to join the game.
  • The game has four players, and each has four chess pieces.
  • The game starts with one player and then goes to the next player in order.
  • When the fun begins, each player already has two chess pieces on the starting grid.
  • Players roll dice during their turn and choose which chess piece to move.
  • Players have 5 seconds to roll the dice.
  • Players also have 5 seconds to pick a chess piece to move.
  • Before reaching the finish line, players must clear any obstacles.
  • When one of a player’s chess pieces crosses the finish line, the game is over, and that player is the winner.


Chess pieces need to go around the board once to reach the finish line.

Ludo - Board

1. Chance

2. blockade

3. Starting Location 

4. Start Position

5. Save Zone

6. Home Triangle


  • If all four chess pieces are at the beginning, and the dice don’t show a 6, it’s your turn. If not, it’s the next player’s turn.
  • You move your chess pieces based on the number displayed on the dice.
  • If you have more than one chess piece on the board, you can pick any of them to advance.
  • When the dice shows a 6, you have two choices:
  • If you don’t move in time, the system will roll the dice for you and move one of your chess pieces.

Money Bag

  • The money bag will pop up anywhere on the field when the game begins.
  • When the game ends, the person with the money bag wins all the money.
  • After the game ends, if there are still money bags on the board, the money inside them will be shared equally among the four players.
  • One money bag can cover 1/8 of the entry cost.
  • If a piece with a money bag is captured, the load goes to the player who captured the detail.
  • When details of the same color carry money bags and are on the same square, the bags combine into one. If these pieces move, the one with the money bag moves first.

Entry Fee

Entry fees are divided into two parts on a 50-50 basis.

  1. Bet on the base game
  2. Money bag

Bet On Base Game


  • If someone wins, they get 90% of the losers’ bets plus their bet from the main game.
  • You lose your bet if you bet on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th runners and they don’t win in the main game.


At the end of the game, your total money is determined by multiplying the amount in your money bag by the number of pouches you collected.

Bag Return

After the game ends, everyone shares the money left in the bags no one grabbed. We do this by multiplying the amount of money in those bags by the number of bags left and dividing the total by 4. In this manner, the remaining funds are divided equally among all parties.

Ludo Quick Features

Ludo Quick Features

Bonus Dice

  • If your dice shows a 6, you get an extra roll after moving your chess piece. But you need to have chess pieces on the board ready to proceed to get the extra roll.
  • When your dice show six thrice in a row, your turn is counted, and the game moves to the next player.
  • If your chess piece captures another player’s chess piece, you receive one extra dice, no matter how many details you capture at once.
  • You earn one extra dice when your chess piece reaches the finish line.
  • Effect of the Chance Card


When your chess piece reaches a square that already has another player’s chess piece, you can take their piece and put it back where it began. But, if a chess piece is in the safe zone, it can’t be accepted.

Safe Zone

The first four grids, which are in different colors, and the four grids with special marks on them are called “safe zones.” If a chess piece is placed in one of these safe zones, it cannot be taken or captured by another chess piece.


When two pieces of the same color are on a square, the pieces of a different color cannot go on that square.

Finish Line Blockade

To get to the finish line in chess, you need to clear a path. If you don’t, your chess pieces will keep going in circles.

To clear the path and reach the finish line, do one of these things:

  • Capture an opponent’s chess piece that’s a different color.
  • Move all your chess pieces from where they started onto the board.
  • Use a special card if you have one.


There are four special squares called “Chance squares.” Standing on one of these squares might get a unique power from the Chance card. This power activates when you’re on the Chance square.

Chance effect 

Ludo - Chance Effect 1
Ludo - Chance Effect 2
Ludo - Chance Effect 3
Ludo - Chance Effect 4
Ludo - Chance Effect 5


You can play the Ludo Quick Jili Game on various mobile platforms by downloading the app.

Many game versions allow you to play with friends or random opponents online casino. Look for the multiplayer mode in the app.

Yes, the Ludo Quick Jili Game is often acceptable for players of all ages and family-friendly.

Most versions of Ludo Quick Jili Game are free to download and play. However, some may offer premium or ad-free versions for a fee.

Ludo Quick Jili Game typically has faster-paced gameplay with special power-ups, bonuses, or unique game modes, making it more exciting.


In conclusion, after exploring the Ludo Quick Jili game in detail, it’s clear that it offers a fun and engaging gaming experience. If you want more exciting games and opportunities to win, check out the Nice88 website. It’s a great platform to discover a wide range of fun and enjoy thrilling entertainment.

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